About Seller


What is Seller?

Seller is an e-commerce solution that allows businesses to easily set up and manage their store without the technical skills required in building an e-commerce website. Essentially, it’s a self-served e-commerce website builder.


How does it work?

To create a store on Seller simply sign up on seller.africa. Follow the set up guide to customize your storefront, upload your products and manage orders through your dashboard. The hard work has been done by us, so you simply customize your store to reflect your brand style - this is done by simply choosing your preferred theme, colour, fonts, upload your logo, cover photo and much more. The site is 100% in your control while we get a monthly fee for providing you with this platform.


Do I need to have technical skills to use Seller?

No, you do not need to have technical skills to own and manage your Mercurie store. Seller is easy to use and also provides instructions to guide you through setup and usage.


Do I need a website developer to setup my store on Seller

You do not need a website developer to set up your store on Seller, our team has done all the hard stuff for you, the basic customization can be easily done by you



How much does it cost?

The Starter Plan costs ₦6,500 per month and ₦70,200 per year (You get a discount when you subscribe for a year) While the Growth Plan costs ₦12,000 per month and ₦122,400 per year.


Is seller free?

No, Seller is not free. However, we offer a 14-day free trial with access to all platform features. Once the free trial expires, you can decide to upgrade to a paid plan or discontinue use of the platform.

Selling on Seller


How many products can I upload

Depending on the plan you choose you can upload between 200 to 500 products to your store.


Can I upgrade my account before free trial expires?

Yes, if you would like to instantly access all features such as using a custom domain, you can choose to upgrade your account even before the end of your trial period


What do I need to sign up and sell on Seller?

Seller can be used by anyone who sells a physical or digital product. All you need is an already existing business, a business name, an email address and images of your product and you are good to go.


What kind of products can I sell on Seller?

All products that are legally allowed to be sold online can be sold using Seller. Products like pets, drugs, alcohol, and other products that require a prescription, license or parental guidance, cannot be sold on Seller.

Receiving Payments


Can I receive online payments on Seller?

Yes, you can receive payments from customers on your Seller store. Simply set up your Seller Wallet and other necessary payment information and y ou’re good to go


Can I receive international payments?

Yes, you can receive payments from any country on your Seller store

Upgrading Your Account


What happens when my free trial expires?

Once your free trial expires and you have not chosen a plan, your store will go offline and customers will no longer be able to visit your store and make purchases, however, once your store is upgraded to a paid plan, your store becomes visible again.


How do I upgrade my account?

You can upgrade your account by going to 'Upgrade' in your dashboard or reaching out via our support channels


I already have a domain name, can I use it on Seller?

Yes, if you have an existing domain name, simply sign up and navigate to your dashboard. Click the settings tab, enter your existing domain name and click save. Note that only paid accounts can use a custom domain


How do I pay for my Seller account?

Simply login to your Seller dashboard to make payment via paystack with your debit card

Shipping on Seller


How does shipping work on Seller?

You can set up your standard shipping rates from your dashboard using the pricing from the service you use in delivering your products.


How do I access my dashboard?

Simply sign in to app.seller.africa/login with your email address and password and you will be directed to your Seller dashboard.


Can I ship internationally?

Yes you can, but all the details will be handled through your third party delivery service


Do I pay extra for this automated shipping?

No, you do not pay beyond your subscription fee to access the shipping feature on Seller

About Your Account


Am I allowed to download my customer information?

Yes, you can download data which your customers have provided on your store. This includes Names, Email Address, and Phone Number. You will however not be able to download sensitive information such as Card details as we do not save customer’s card details on the platform.


How do I download my customer information?

On your dashboard, simply navigate to Customers and click the Export button to start your download in XLSX or CSV


Can I create an order on behalf of my customers?

Yes, you can manually create an order for a customer

Advertising on Seller


Can I advertise on Seller?

Seller doesn’t provide an advertising platform for now however you can utilize other advertising services such as Google Ads, Facebook Advertising and others to drive traffic to your Seller store.


How do I advertise my store?

You can advertise your store using the various advertising platforms available for digital marketing. Check out our learning resources to learn how to use these platforms.